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GM's "Robot Boss" Discusses Future
IndustryWeek Magazine

The R&D Scorecard 2002 
Search the top companies in major high-tech industries.

Technology for Presidents: 
War with Iraq—Predictable as Chess

Technology's critical role.

Intrusion Detection
Many organizations are finding that firewalls, antivirus software and user authentication policies aren't enough to keep networks safe, which explains the growing market for intrusion detection technology.

Staying Secure
Technology Editor Chris Lindquist shares a list of websites and a new tool to help you keep the bad guys at bay.

CIO Research Reports
Read your peers' opinions on: 

Web Expectations
Microsoft .Net Reality 
Check – What to Expect

Web Metrics That Matter
Web metrics are no longer one-size-fits-all. Now they must match your website's business and audience. Here are the latest tools to gauge your website's effectiveness.
November 15, 2002

Lessons from Foreign Lands
Working abroad can be like dancing through a cultural minefield. Here's what five young professionals learned about thriving overseas. 

Cracking the Case: 
A Consulting Interview Primer

[Web Exclusive] You don't have to be Sherlock Holmes to ace the cases in a consulting-firm interview. In fact, a little preparation can make solving them seem, well, elementary.

How to Run a Productive Meeting: 
All Together Now

How to rally the troops for a meeting they'll never want to leave.
28 Business Books You Need to Read: Higher Learning
Mandatory reading for business professionals, hand-picked by our panelists.

Watch and Learn: The 10 Greatest Business Movies You've Never Seen
What can film teach you about business? Plenty. 

The Art of Multitasking
Feeling overworked? Overwhelmed? The dirty little secret of the slow-growth economy is that most of us are busier than ever: We're doing our jobs, plus the jobs of one or two gone-but-not-replaced colleagues -- and doing it all with less support. How do we manage to stay sane in the face of such crazy demands? Action item number one: Follow the savvy, reality-tested advice of some of the most effective executives we know. It's all in our ultimate guide to successful multitasking. Alison Overholt


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Motek: The Best Company 
to Work for Anywhere?

Motek is a 21st-century capitalist kibbutz. At this tiny software company in tony Beverly Hills, workers choose their own assignments and are forbidden to work after five.
By Ellyn Spragins

The Reverse Brain Drain
Foreign-born techies head home as they lose their jobs--and work visas.

Bill Gates' Secret
An insider's take on what allowed the world's most famous start-up to succeed. 

Don't Picture the Audience Naked
With a rash of poor communicators facing angry mobs and the rest of us perennially stage-frightened, here's advice from public-speaking coach Steve Adubato.

A Distance Runner's Tips
Learn how to choose employees who can handle the freedom of working from home from a master.
By Jennifer Keeney

Beyond the Lotus Position
Notes' creator wants "superconductivity between minds." Does anyone else?

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Strategies for Mobile Device Evolution: meeting and creating market demand Pub Time : 2002/11

What’s Hot

The Economic Outlook for 2003: A Promising Start



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There Is No Alternative to ...
How do you develop strategy in an uncertain economy? Meet TINA: There Is No Alternative. First, Royal Dutch/Shell pioneered the system of scenario planning to anticipate dramatic changes in the world. But when everything starts to change, the way to do planning is to focus on things that don't change. Ian Wylie
Global Values in a Local World
Meet Martha Nussbaum, one of America's leading philosophers. She's asking some top businesspeople to confront today's toughest question: Are there global values to connect us all? Harriet Rubin
Living in Uncertain Times
A Spy in the House of Work The Spy
An Incomplete Manifesto for Growth
Two years ago, Bruce Mau unveiled a 43-point program that took the design world by storm. Here is an incomplete selection from his incomplete manifesto.

Design Principal
Bruce Mau's influential studio works with a roster of world-renowned clients. But its mostenduring contribution may be to the theory and practice of design itself -- from what kinds of projects are worth taking on to how to design for creative growth.

Merrill Lynch Phones Ahead  
The Wall Street giant is making a major bet on Internet-based telephony as a way to improve service and enhance flexibility. Here's a case study on the promise and pitfalls of technology-driven innovation.

Failure Is Glorious  
Alberto Alessi transformed his family's ho-hum housewares business into a trendsetting design giant. His secret: walking the borderline between genius and failure.

Michael Porter's Big Ideas 
The world's most famous business-school professor is fed up with CEOs who claim that the world changes too fast for their companies to have a long-term strategy. If you want to make a difference as a leader, you've got to make time for strategy.

Gates' mantra: 
Good times ahead

Innovation & Change
The Secret of 
How Microsoft 
Stays on Top

 Critics say Microsoft's incredible two-decade run at the top of the computer industry has less to do with innovation than it does with bully tactics. But new research from Harvard Business School professors Marco Iansiti and Alan MacCormack suggest a different reason: the company's ability to spot technological trends and exploit key software technologie


Say it right and make 
a positive impact

Communicating with prospects, customers or employees comprises the majority of a business professionals day. Are you an effective communicator? Do you practice?

Questions to lead by: Let your employees tell you how to motivate them
You’re the leader and motivator for the entire team… and it’s exhausting. Stop using all your energy to get others to do what you want them to do. Find out what motivates them!

Coaching: The Key to Performance Improvement
Entrepreneur, small business owner, manager, leader… now coach. One of the most effective skills to helping others achieve and helping your business succeed is the ability to coach. Here’s some advice to help you coach up performance.

High trust will get you to the inevitable roadblocks
Learn how to create a high trust relationship between you and your prospect…avoid short cuts to "get the sale" and focus on relationships.

Win/Loss Reviews: More than an activity-- It’s a mindset!
Why document failures? Why study the past? Because win/loss reviews give you insight about why you succeed or fail and a method to learn from the past. Whether you’re a rep, manager or entrepreneur you can implement this tool immediately and improve your results.


It's How Business Utilizes 
Computers That Counts

Wall Street Journal
November 14, 2002

David Wessel reviews the McKinsey Global Institute's recent report on the role information technology played in stimulating the U.S. productivity boom in the late 1990s. He discusses findings suggesting that IT investments pay off only when they are the means to executing a winning strategy.


Blam! Maximum Success
James Waldroop and Timothy Butler, directors of the career center at Harvard Business School, have identified the character traits that get in the way of success.

Difference Is Power
Lots of companies talk a good game when it comes to the proposition that different is better. Ted Childs, IBM's vice president of global workforce diversity, walks that talk.

"I Can Only Compete 
Through My Crew."

Of all the environments for testing one's ability to be a leader, one of the toughest is the deck of a racing yacht, a place where Simon Walker has spent much of his adult life.

People are not just information processors. 
We are also energy processors.

John Thomas, IBM









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