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Diversity Creates Demand for Transcultural Managers
Managers with cross-cultural skills are in short supply in Europe and overseas as work forces become increasingly diversified. Here's what many companies are seeking -- and how to acquire these abilities.

Women, Minority Pros Must Be 'Mentor Worthy'
Mentoring can be a key factor in helping women and minority professionals climb the corporate ladder. Here's what you can do to increase your chances of becoming a protégé.

Why Some Older Executives Land Jobs -- and Others Don't
What makes some seasoned job seekers successful while others endure prolonged periods of unemployment? Often the difference is a career path that's been linear and upward. Plus, seven strategies you can put to work to boost your search.

Is B-School the Ticket 
For Career Changers?

Talking to Diversity Experts
Where Do We Go From Here?

How to Run a Productive Meeting: All Together Now

How to rally the troops for a meeting they'll never want to leave. 

Ace Your Interviews  
Econ problem: If 10 people are competing for one job, how many applicants will be turned away? Make sure you're the one who makes the cut. How to Impress Recruiters: Anatomy of an Interview takes you from the starting gate to the finish line. Go!

Don't Picture the Audience Naked
With a rash of poor communicators facing angry mobs and the rest of us perennially stage-frightened, here's advice from public-speaking coach Steve Adubato.

Stress: The Last Taboo
Blame it on 24/7 workweeks, the economy, terrorism, corporate scandals or all of the above. Experts say they've never seen workplace stress this bad.

A Distance Runner's Tips
Learn how to choose employees who can handle the freedom of working from home from a master.
By Jennifer Keeney

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Covers the key areas of global leadership.  Examples and lessons from some of the world's most successful businesses, including McKinsey, Nokia, Nestle and Matsushita, and ideas from the smartest thinkers, including Warren Bennis, 
John Kotter, Robert Rosen, 
Philip R. Harris, Robert T. Moran and Peter Senge

Size is Not a Strategy
The faster big business cleans up its ethical mess, the sooner we can address the real crisis of capitalism. Giant companies dominate the landscape -- from media to medicine, banking to broadband. But talented people don't want to work for them, customers hate doing business with them, and Wall Street doesn't want to invest in them. A candid appraisal of why so many big companies ( even the honest ones ) don't work -- and some radical ideas for reform. 

The Female CEO ca. 2002
Here are the five naked truths about women in business. Together they add up to one big message: The future of business depends on women. 

Global Values 
in a Local World

Meet Martha Nussbaum, one of America's leading philosophers. She's asking some top businesspeople to confront today's toughest question: Are there global values to connect us all? 
Living in Uncertain Times
A Spy in the House of 
Work The Spy

Danger:Toxic Company
The problem isn't that loyalty is dead or that careers are history. The real problem, argues Stanford's Jeffrey Pfeffer, is that so many companies are toxic -- and that they get exactly what they deserve. Alan M. Webber's great article from Nov. 1998.

Keith Yamashita,
Our Pro Person of the Month:

Keith Yamashita Wants to Reinvent Your Company

He may be the most influential consultant you've never heard of. He's certainly one of the most creative. And his new ideas about strategy are powering a number of high-profile change efforts -- including Carly Fiorina's campaign to transform Hewlett-Packard.

The Art of Seismic Change Keith Yamashita, Partner, Stone Yamashita Partners
Seismic Change can actually be instance, your company unleashes a powerful new idea that rapidly gains momentum
Free PDF download: "Designing a Seismic Change"

Innovation & Change
The Secret of 
How Microsoft 
Stays on Top

 Critics say Microsoft's incredible two-decade run at the top of the computer industry has less to do with innovation than it does with bully tactics. But new research from Harvard Business School professors Marco Iansiti and Alan MacCormack suggest a different reason: the company's ability to spot technological trends and exploit key software technologies




Are You Looking to Find Better Candidates to Hire? 
Try Behavior Based Interviewing!

Fifty Behavior Based 
Interview Questions

Fifty Ways to Reality Recruit


Selecting a Human Resources 
Information System (HRIS)

HRIS Cost Justification: 
Guidelines and Worksheets

On Leaders and Leadership :
"The Best Lesson in Leadership," 

Leading Innovation and Transformation :
"Making Change Happen,"

Leadership in the New Information Economy :
"Goodbye, Command and Control," 

In an unpredictable economy, companies that have a network of leaders throughout the organization are the ones most likely to thrive. Employees who are given the opportunity to develop leadership skills are more inclined to take responsibility and feel pride in their work. When they are empowered to make decisions and be accountable for their actions, potential leaders take ownership in the success of the company, and often become superior performers.
Most organizations use their training investments about as strategically as they deploy their office supplies spending. And the impact on customer satisfaction, cost containment or quality improvement is just as useless.

How to Create a More 
Creative Staff
You see it all the time in sports. A team has low morale, poor performance, and they lose game after game. Then the owners hire a new manager. Morale goes up. Performance improves. And the team starts to win games.


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Get a grip on job stress

Stress reducers: 
How are you coping?

SMALL talk, BIG deal

Learn to listen to boost 
your effectiveness

Change beliefs to 
lead effectively

Demystifying the 
rules of networking

'I'm a Saboteur.'
Brainpower is more important than ever, but education seems more backward than ever. John Taylor Gatto, an award-winning teacher, now aims to overthrow the public-school establishment for which he worked for 
30 years.

20/20 Change Agent
A four-point plan for bringing clarity to change.

'I've Always Been 
a Human Modem.'

It's up to Motorola's Janiece Webb, one of the company's highest-impact change agents, to make Motorola a leader in the wireless Internet -- the next great global market.To pull it off, she -- and Motorola -- must make networking personal.

A Leader's Journey
Paul Wieand went on a quest for power and became one of the banking industry's youngest-ever CEOs. Then his world collapsed, and he went on a painful search for the real meaning of leadership. Now he helps other leaders on their journeys.

Full House  
Executives at Las Vegas's Bellagio Hotel screened 84,000 candidates, did 27,000 interviews, and hired 9,600 people -- in 24 weeks. Now Cisco wants to know how they did it. Bill Breen

Brain Scans
Want a Better Brain?



Dear Mom and Dad:
"Family is the country of the heart"; Four Tips on Dealing with Parental Expectations

There's No Place Like Work:
"Work is a great diversion to keep you from dealing with yourself."; Three Tips on Putting Work in Perspective

One-Hour Real-Life 
Career Makeover

Find Your Dream Job by 
NOT Committing to It

Conventional wisdom says that if you want to change careers, you must be 100% committed. Not. The truth is that the only way most people will change careers to something they love is by NOT committing to it. It's a step by step process with go/no go decision points along the way. Here's Sean's story..

B-School: New Programs 
For a New Economy

Going Global: New Executive MBA Programs

IT NEWS searchable 
by keywords here



Lessons from Foreign Lands
Working abroad can be like dancing through a cultural minefield. Here's what five young professionals learned about thriving overseas.

Going Places: 
Applying to Business School 
in the United States

If you want to pursue an 
MBA in the U.S. as an 
international student, 
do yourself a favor: 
Get started on the 
application process 
as early as possible, 
say admissions officers.

Cracking the Case: 
A Consulting Interview Primer

You don't have to be Sherlock 
Holmes to ace the cases in a 
consulting-firm interview. 
In fact, a little preparation can make solving them seem, 
well, elementary.

Recruiter Recon
What a company says about itself can give you clues about its culture, work environment, and values. With everything from interviewing tips to mission statements, our company research section gives you the scoop on firms in their own words.

28 Business Books You Need to Read: Higher Learning
Mandatory reading for business professionals, hand-picked by our panelists.

Watch and Learn: 
The 10 Greatest Business Movies You've Never Seen

What can film teach you about business? Plenty. 

How to Uphold Employee Morale in 
Tough Times

New Speech Technology 
May Keep Hands Free

How HR Can Prepare in the Event of a Crisis

Stolen Identity. Identity theft is on the rise - and employers increasingly 
are involved. 

Keeping Your Network Safe. Be aware of all HR data security challenges. 

Negotiating and 
International Business
by Dr. Tracey Wilen, author, International Business: A basic guide 
for women

Negotiating and International Business: Part 2
by Dr. Tracey Wilen, author, International Business: A basic guide 
for women


What’s Hot

The Economic Outlook for 2003: A Promising Start




People are not just information processors. 
We are also energy processors.

John Thomas, IBM




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